The Double-Edged Sword


“Aims!  You look like you’ve lost weight”

It’s possibly the biggest back-handed compliment for anyone losing weight – enthusiastically pointing out they’ve lost weight as though you never expected it to happen (but now it has happened, so it should be announced to the world!).

9 times out of 10 it’s a genuine compliment, but it sets off a mental chain of events…

Yus!  They noticed!


Awww man, does that mean they think I need to lose weight?
They thought I was fat?
Does everyone think I’m fat?
What about that guy over there on the elliptical.

Followed by the mental telling-off…

Don’t do this, you’re being silly.  Overthinking the whole thing.
Pull your head in. 

And finished off with the good old…

Well, I’m never wearing this again. 

It was one of the first things my trainer said when she met me at the gym yesterday, and I was so close to spiralling into the usual mental blubbering.  Mental blubbery.  Blub.  Blub.  Blub.

Instead, though, I stopped.  Smiled.  And thanked her.

This is what we’re working toward.  This is the goal.
It is as much a compliment to her as it is to me (granted I didn’t feel that way on my third set of squats…!)

And I am sooooooo desperate to impress her.

Weight loss I can see, and weight loss others are noticing.
My body is changing, for the better.  And I love it.

I think that makes for a pretty good day, yes?