IQS: Week Five – Over Half Way!

It’s the start of the fifth week – fifth week out of eight.  That’s good progress – and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

I half expected myself to have quit by now, but I’m so glad that I haven’t!  This programme has made so much sense along the way that there’s been no point quitting.

Buuuuuut I have taken liberties at times.  I haven’t completely ruled out artificial sweeteners from my diet.  There have been times when I’ve turned to them when I’ve felt the emotional desperation and longing for sugar.

I consider these liberties to be human.  Getting to grips with my body.  Knowing my limits.

It’s not the same as going off the rails.

This week is about keeping up the progress.  Which, according to Sarah, means more detoxing!  Yay!

“Do this: distract yourself with alternative sweetness”

Sugar is a treat, yes?  So why not treat ourselves in other ways?  When we take that approach, we get the mental benefit of rewarding ourselves, without doing it with sugar.  No more nasty cycles of eating badly to feel good, but only feeling down on ourselves for eating badly, so we eat more to make ourselves feel better, but we feel worse, so we eat more… you know how it goes.  Emotional eating 101.

Right now, I’m treating myself with fancy-pants tea.  Limited calories, maximum taste.  And expensive, so it feels fancy and luxurious.

Plus, I get to spill my soul to you guys which is always a treat!  Too much?  Yeah, sorry, it even felt cheesy on my fingertips as I typed.  Oh well, no taking it back now.  (Besides, I’m quite comfortable using the word ‘vagina’ in my personal Facebook status, so you know I’m not a person with boundaries… or shame).

Moral of the story?  Positivity, positivity, positivity.  
I’m going to be a total Chatty-Cathy until the withdrawals hit… then I’ll go hide under a rock.
A nauseous, dizzy, (apparently constipated) rock.

So much to look forward to!