What’s Sugar Doing To My Body?

It’s a recurring topic here – and it will continue to be.  Sugar.

Sugar can do crazy things to your body, and not everyone’s aware just how crazy those things can get.

Sugar is an addictive drug.
Legal, yes, but still addictive.

” 94% of rats that are addicted to cocaine chose sugar over cocaine “

For the visually inclined, I offer you this:visual.ly.sugar-vs-cocaine

Am I the only one worried about this?

13 thoughts on “What’s Sugar Doing To My Body?

    • Hey Penelope – the chemical compound “C12H22O1” is regular sugar in its various forms – like table sugar. Fake sugars are dangerous too, but I can’t say whether they fit the description in the infographic, too…

  1. Such a creepy experiment on those poor rats, it seems inappropriate to ‘like’! But interesting, I’m sure that refined sugar is addictive. Also the more of it that you eat, the more you need to eat to before you can taste it.

  2. I’ve seen what happens to someone addicted to cocaine and I can assure you I’d rather have sugar. We do eat too much of it for sure but cocaine is a terrible drug that totally destroys the personalities, bank balances, health and lives of the people using it.

  3. You are not the only one worried!! AH I’m so glad that another blog is delving into this crazy problem with sugar!! Thanks for checking mngirls.wordpress.com, you can see my own blog at hello2buenas.wordpress.com

    LOVE your blog!

  4. Also to be a bit of a devils advocate here in a friendly way 🙂 We can’t do tests on rats and take the test results from them and compare them to us, we are human. We have different biochemistry reactions, just to keep this in mind.
    But it is great you are sticking up up for your beliefs 🙂

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