Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

20140418-225451.jpgCompliments can be hard to take, but they go a long way.

This week I went into a local Bendon Lingerie store on the spur of the moment. Shopping is comforting – just like eating can be. When it’s buying pretty things and they’re on sale, I’m already sold.

I was already buying stuff when the shop assistant came over to see if I was alright. Seeing what I had, she kindly told me that no, no the large will be far too big, and swapped a pair of bottoms for a medium.

Oh Lordy, did that make me smile. An honest, genuine pointer that I should get a smaller size.

No perceived back-handed compliment; no oh, you’ve lost weight!

This was from a woman who had never met me before, who had nothing to measure old-me against, and it made me feel fantastic.

What have strangers done recently that made you feel good about yourself?

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