Walking Lunges Will Be The Death of Me

There’s nothing glamorous about a walking lunge.  Sure, if you’ve got it happening in all the right places, you’ll certainly be showing them places off.  But it’s not like pole dancing.  You look like a drunk fool struggling to carry your groceries.

Well, at least I do.  Wobbling side to side the whole time.

So you can image my audible groan as my trainer told me my new plan starts on the treadmill.  With walking lunges.

Walking lunges on the treadmill?!

They’re like this:

But my plan has some variations:

  • I don’t look like that.
  • I have the speed up.  3km/hr.
  • I have the incline down.
  • I don’t look like that.
  • I am under strict instructions to hold the treadmill at all times (though, I think that has more to do with my coordination… see above)
  • I alternate 50 lunges with 1 min running (hence the treadmill)
  • I don’t look like that

Once you get past the looking-like-an-idiot part, they’re actually not that bad.  You get your lunges in without having to worry about getting in peoples way.

Have you ever tried it?
Have you ever tried something similar?

Thoughts?  Feelings?  Burning desires?

9 thoughts on “Walking Lunges Will Be The Death of Me

  1. I hate walking lunges, but I do them often. Not every leg workout, but maybe once every couple weeks. Actually I don’t hate lunges, I despise them! I’ve never done them on a treadmill and probably won’t ever. I wouldn’t do them until I could do them on the floor without wobbling. I’ve had a blackout on a treadmill, which caused some brain injury, so I don’t “play” on them. I’m fine now and run on them and do side gallop thingies, but not that. I always attach the emergency cord to my shirt now, hard lesson learned. I feel you pain, GOOD LUCK!

  2. I don’t look like that either. And no matter how many walking lunges I do I never will! 😔 But I sometimes do walking lunges coming back down the road after a run, it stretches the hip flexors which if I don’t do I get low back pain.

  3. I’ve never done a walking lunge :S Forgive my ignorance, but which part of the body does a walking lunge focus on? Do you eventually do them with weights?

  4. I need this in my life! Adding to my regime 🙂
    I suck at regular walking lunges because I have bugger all leg strength, so stabilising on a tready might be the go 🙂

  5. I haven’t tried walking lunges, they look hard since I’m not able to do a proper lunge on ground that isn’t moving. They hurt my knees so I can do them, sort of, just can’t go all the way down, but I will try them today when I’m on my treadmill.

  6. Wow, I don’t look like that either. Damn I wish I did though! That’s a really interesting concept. I may have to give them a go next leg day. You mentioned you alternate 50 lunges with a minute of running – how long do you do it all up for?

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