Setting Up My Roll

Last week I was stuck in bed nursing the worst ‘flu/cold/mess I’ve had in years.  I feel much better now, thankfully.  And I think that has soooooo much to do with my awesome new workplace – I was able to take 3 full days out to just get better.  I never felt I could do that at my old job.

This new job is also very encouraging when it comes to staff hitting the gym at lunch, or finishing on time to go after work.   There are a few proper athletes in the ranks, too.  My boss has a couple of full Ironman’s under his belt and has competed internationally.  

So when I committed to daily workouts, I got high fives all round.  

Today is day two, and I’m looking forward to seeing how big the streak will get.  Without being silly about it.  Because there will always be times she working out does more harm than good.

I’m excited.

Have you done something similar?
How many days did you get in a row? 
What did you do to keep motivated?
Did you end up learning or finding something new?  Is it part of your regular routine now?

So many questions.

4 thoughts on “Setting Up My Roll

  1. Sounds like a very health conscious working environment! And also sounds like they value the work/life balance which is great! May I ask what industry you work in? All the best with your daily workouts. I’m never too good at sticking to that sort of thing unless I’m doing some form of “challenge” maybe if you have work colleagues to be accountable to that could help πŸ™‚

    • I work at a big (for NZ) tech corporate but I’m a specialist in their finance function so we sort of sit off to the side of the core business. The company is huge compared to most NZ employers, and have so many different ‘types’ of staff – I think they do a good job trying to cater to everybody πŸ™‚

      Definitely agree that an element of keeping accountable is key to a good streak – workmates will be a good start, but experience suggests the WordPress community will be even better!

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