Is it any wonder?


This is $30 of food.  Well, $29.16 to be exact. 

On minimum wage,  a person would have to work 3 hours to afford this with their take-home,  after-tax pay.   There’s no way you could feed a family on this.

Is it any wonder that people aren’t eating healthy anymore?

For the same money I could’ve brought several bottles of fizzy drink,  half a dozen bags of potato chips, a week’s worth of instant noodles, and a couple of chocolate bars,  if they’re on sale. 

Granted, smoked salmon isn’t the cheapest choice but it was really cheap today.  This isn’t my usual shop – but it’s about right for pricing.

I can see why taking the family to McDonald’s can be a cheaper option.

Is it just here, or do you face the same thing where you are too?

9 thoughts on “Is it any wonder?

  1. where on earth do you shop? This morning at Pak n Save I got a lettuce, 3 capsicum, a cucumber, 3 tomatoes, hummus, tin of beetroot, Brazil nuts, mixed nuts, soy snack things. $30 bucks. Add hard boiled eggs from my own chooks and there is lunch for 3 days at least.

  2. I think it can be tricky to eat healthy on a budget, but I think it can be done. I don’t envy those with food intolerances or allergies who have to try and shop on a budget though!

    • I looked at gluten free bread process the other day or of curiosity – $7. For a much smaller loaf. Still packed with sugar. Vs $1-4 for “normal” bread, depending on brand. CRAZY

      • I’ve got a friend who is allergic to eggs, dairy and nuts. It’s crazy trying to find cheap alternatives to these things! I can do a weeks worth of healthy but very cheap lunches if I eat things like eggs on toast, but allergy free alternatives are so pricy! 😦

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