A Belated Christmas

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!  Mine was spent in sunshine with family and wine.  Lots of wine.  So much wine (family will do that to a girl).


I have been itching to get out for a good run but it’s been ridiculously hot and humid here at the parents’ place that I’m pretty sure actually doing it would kill me.  So I’ve settled for plenty of dog walking and dancing with my niece.  Not so sweaty, but waaaay more fun in this weather!

Looking through my Facebook feed, it seems like there are two camps of people these holidays;  the active, and the majority.  So many tramping photos.   Long bike rides.  In-the-gym pose-y instagrams.  And then these;


No kidding.  I’ve seen this so many times in so many feeds.  In multiple forms…


I for one didn’t share it.   No one needs that kind of self put-down.  That’s not constructive.  Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

So, no.  I will not get fat this Christmas.

What about you?  How has your break been? 
Active?  Lazy? 
Can’t remember because it was that good?

9 thoughts on “A Belated Christmas

  1. I had a mix of fitting my workout in, trying to not over indulge and way too much driving to see all of my boyfriends family. For christmas I wanted sleep. I love the holidays, but I’m glad it’s over. Cheers to the New Year!

  2. it was crazy. cooking and baking trying to squeeze in a workout. but after going to the gym yesterday and steping on that scale I was suprised to see 2,5 kg gone 🙂 Crazy Christmas week and still managed to lose weight

  3. The picture at the beginning of your post is really pretty! The sun is shining through at a really cool angle. Looks like somewhere I’d like to be – wine and all 😉
    My Christmas has been lazy and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve been lazy for a while though as I’ve had a couple of injuries which haven’t cleared up. This is going to change…but I’m not making myself feel bad about it. Instead I’m putting my energy into determination to start 2015 on a fit note! Even if it’s just long walks and slowly easing back into weights as my wrist improves….bring it on.

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