A Good Day For a Stroll


Since getting back home in the city for New Years, I’ve been able to get back to the gym a bit.  It’s great – Wellington’s not really a summer destination so everyone clears out of the city and places like the gym are empty.  You’re almost guaranteed to get the gear you’re after.  No waiting.  It’s great.

But when the sun comes out, you have to make the most of it – get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

We’ve had a run of good weather recently (except New Years Eve, because this is Wellington and that would have been too easy.  See earlier ‘not really a summer destination’ comment) so we planned to have a walk around to the seal colony at Red Rocks.


There weren’t any seals – it’s the completely wrong time of year (we’d need to be there in winter).  But the walk was good.

Great company. Good views.

Nice start to the day.

IMG_20150102_184732 IMG_20150102_184910

Learned a couple of things today, too.

  1. Bees like purple.  Don’t have purple on or around your crotch.  This can lead to very tense moments.
  2. Always wear sunblock.  Always.  And it you think you have enough on, put some more on anyway.
  3. You don’t have to sit down to get sand in your pants, unfortunately. (WTF?  Wellington, you’re a creepy kind of windy).  Also, bonus lesson: you never grow out of it.

Yup.  You learn something new everyday.

What did you get up to today?
What did you learn?


4 thoughts on “A Good Day For a Stroll

  1. Eek! I hate bees! And I hear you on the sunscreen. I am rather pink from not putting any on when going for a walk the other day! As for me…well yesterday I succeeded in achieving one of my 30 things – milking a cow! Mind you, I only got a quick go, but still! YAY! hahaha. Sounds very random I know. And today I am doing a water fast. Not sure how that will go! Time will tell 🙂

  2. Aaah. One day I’ll visit your beautiful country …

    What did I get up to on January 2?

    Mmmmm. I ran 10km (too warm & humid to go any further), drank some great coffee from one of my favourite cafés, worked for several hours, drank too much red wine, and then watched a DVD with one of my best friends. Great day all-round! Kim*


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