New Look

Hi team – if you read my posts directly on you may have noticed that the page looks a little different.

This is the first major change to the look and feel of since the blog launched back in 2012, and I’m excited.  It’s clean and simple to navigate.  All the usual menu items are easy to find, while still looking pretty funky.

I like it, but what’s more important is – do you?  Really keen to get your feedback in the comments.  After all, you’re the ones who use it!

Depending on the feedback, there might be some more tinkering to come, so please let me know if you come across any problems.  I’m always checking the comments and emails to amy (at) peonut (dot) com.

If you’re following my posts through your own blog feed, you shouldn’t see any changes – none of the updates should impact you (but I recommend that you check it out and let me know your thoughts!)