What Not To Do On Holiday

So… I dropped a bed on my foot.
My bare foot.

Not recommended.

Today, my gorgeous new ultra – plush super king bed arrived.  Which meant that I had to move my solid wooden queen bed frame into my guest bedroom.

Long story short, I was doing it barefoot first thing this morning and dropped the frame smack – bang in the middle of the top of my foot.  Thunk. 

Thought nothing of it at the time, but as the day goes on it’s getti by really blinkin’ sore.  No colourful bruise (yet) but there’s a very definite bump. Aaaaand I can’t walk on it.

So I’m making the most of my new bed with a lot of this;


Not conducive to fitness, but it is good for catching up on old episodes of The Block.

I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s getting progressively worse.  Elevating is makes it hurt more.  It doesn’t hurt if I don’t move but that’s not practical, even for the laziest person I know!

Thinking of just sucking it up and leaving it as-is tonight.  Get it checked tomorrow if it’s worse. 

I’ve never done anything like this to my before – I have no idea what I’m doing.  What do you think?