Cycles of Dieting

I saw this post on my way home last night (having avoided the gym because I was ‘too tired’). I loved it then, and identified with it immediately.

It’s a good 15 hours on and I still feel the same way.

For anyone who feels they get stuck in the vicious cycle of yo-yoing health focus, I recommend you have a read.


I don’t like my body.


I’ve always been overweight, and I don’t expect myself to ever reach the hot, buff levels society expects me to be at if I’m to be considered an “attractive” person, but I would like to lose my gut. Over the past year or two, I can really start to feel it weighing me down. It’s getting harder for me to bend over. It’s getting harder for me to move around at work. Hell, it’s getting harder for me to just breathe. I already have enough weighing me down in my own head; the added weight of my stomach isn’t needed.

Dieting is something I feel like I’m continuously on and off with. I always start off the same way. I make a conscious decision that I’m going to start exercising more, eat less, and eat healthy.


I start using the elliptical machine every day or…

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Feeling: Accomplished

Today I farted and the world did not end. 

I farted on the leg press machine and, you know what?
No body cared.
No one.

One woman looked in my direction, instinctively, and just shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘Yeah, it happens’.
No biggie.

It was oddly liberating!

Will I make a point to do it again?  No, of course not.  That’s gross.
But I ain’t gonna stress about it, either.

[Yes, this post was entirely about farts.  Don’t pretend to be so surprised]

You Beautiful Thing, You!

Hello to all you beautiful people!  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day filled with (self) love and happiness.

I for one was very spoiled and had a fantastic weekend.

Rather than take up precious weekend moments with a long, wordy post, I leave you with this.

It sums it up pretty well, I think.  ❤