Nice Kitty…

Today, we fed lions.  
Out of the palm of our hands.
No joke.

Wellington Zoo offer ‘close encounters’ with some of their animals – opportunities to meet them up close.  Pat them.  Feed them.  Just generally make all your dreams come true.

Well, they don’t let you pet the lions.  200kg of teeth and muscle can be a little unpredictable… but you can pet the others.

The session was awesome – a once in a lifetime type of thing.
How many people can say they’ve been licked by a lion?! (It feels like sandpaper, btw).

And all off the back of a great Sunday morning session at the gym.  Endorphins!

My Sunday was great.  One to remember for a while.
What did you get up to this weekend?



You’ve probably heard of it already – #100happydays is a challenge to look for the good in your everyday life.  A photo everyday for 100 days.

A simple, powerful concept.


It’s difficult.



If you’re interested in following along – or joining in – you can find me on instagram.
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(And for those of you more interested in my words than photos, stick with me – life’s a little crazy right now, but I’ll be back with regular posts soon!)


Sadly, not living in the States means that I don’t get to see a lot of the sketches that drive people wild when they air.  But – with the power of the internet – I can still bathe in the lolz via youtube.

Through the power of the internet, I share with you the most recent funny:


Big Fat Lies

Are you looking for a book that will change the way you look at food forever?  This book is what did that for me.

After reading all about the paleo diet – and why it’s meant to work – I tried it, and it didn’t work for me.  Reading this book explained why.  It’s not about grains and dairy.  It’s about sugar and ‘food’ that’s created in a lab.

Sure, a paleo diet eliminates the manufactured for the natural… but that’s only half the equation.  Plus, you’re ditching heaps of the good stuff which, for much of the population, is fine.  Cheese anyone?

David Gillespie is a lawyer – not a scientist – so the book is written by a (well-researched) layperson for laypeople.  It’s easy to understand, and written in digestible (logical) chunks.  For the stats nerds, there are a few graphs in there, too… you know, for good measure.

This is the book I read over my New Years break.  And – despite rarely finishing a book I read for personal interest – I plan to read it again soon.  But it will have to wait until after I read his others.  You might recognise one of them… Sweet Poison.

Do you have a book – or particular author – that’s completely changed the way you see your health and nutrition?

Hey Guys, Guess What…?

I Just want to take a quick minute before going to bed to just yell out to all the peonut readers, followers and commenters out there:


Why? Because you’re all encouraging, supportive and constructive. Plus, you’re funny, hard working and motivated examples of fine human beings.

Keep up the good work team – it’s great catching your awesome radiating out into the Internet 😉