Progress Pics

As I’ve discussed in the past, my weight loss in recent times has been a by-product of enjoying being more active.  That being said, I love that getting fitter and healthier has changed the way my body feels and the way clothes fit.

Below are a few shots that help illustrate the changes to date.

Before shots:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of myself around about the time I started making these changes.  I didn’t shy away from the camera at the time, so much as leap away from it as fast as my wobbly thighs would take me.

I stayed around the same weight (82kg) until I started getting more active around April / May 2012.

Progress shots:

Since leaving NZ for my USA trip, I’ve gained a little weight (2 kg to put me back at 72kg) but have done well maintaining since I’ve been back.

From March 2013, I’ll be working hard again to reach my fitness goals and with that drop the last few kilos.

Ultimate goal:  65kg

12 thoughts on “Progress Pics

  1. Hi Amy, its good to see that you’re incorporating exercise to enhance your weight loss, i try to encourage people to see fitness as fun and not a chore, hence my videos funky fitness ideas, my next one is white water rafting – cant wait! Keep moving and you’ll be down to 65 kgs in no time!!

  2. Wow you have done really well! Thank you for liking my post about my project to loose weight. I love reading stories that help me get inspiration to loose my weight and your’s most def does that for me. My husband is an active person so I also want to become more active in life. Another big congrats to you and I’m sure you will reach your 65 kgs very soon 🙂

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