Hump Day? Who Says?!


Who said Wednesday needs to be a hump day? Just because it fall in the middle of what most of us see as the Monday to Friday working week doesn’t make it a bad day. Wednesday’s don’t have it in for us. Though, we clearly have it in for Wednesdays.

Make your Wednesday an awesome day.

Today I woke up feeling particularly gross, with no client meetings planned and finding myself stuck with yet another bad hair day, I didn’t put much effort into my appearance. There was mascara, though I’m not sure if I remembered to slick it over both sets of lashes. It was one of those mornings.

The day progresses and I continued to feel blargh. Why? Because I was focusing on the negatives, when I should have been looking for all the good things. Both in my appearance, and what the day had to offer.

So, I identified 5 things I liked about my body and appearance today, and I challenge you to do the same. My five things are:

ONE: Without any foundation or makeup, the freckles across my nose and cheeks looked amazing. The contrast of the dark freckles and my pale skin was something that I hadn’t brought to the office, so it was a first for me.

TWO: In another first, I wore a purple Robyn Mathieson (love!) knit dress to work today. I had bought this dress for my graduation last year, and it looked good under the never ending cluster of scratchy black fabric they dared to call a graduation gown. It’s very clingy, but it made my butt look good. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d utter – things are changing!)

THREE: Say what you will, but I think my boobs are awesome. Even though they’re shrinking at a much faster rate than the rest of me, they will always have a special place in my heart. Anyway, to quote my Grandmother and her eternal wisdom – “any more than a handful is a waste!

FOUR: By keeping up my water intake, my skin and (previously very dry) lips feel fantastic. Now to stop biting my lip absentmindedly (has any one else discovered that they do this too much after reading Fifty Shades of Grey?)

And last but not least, FIVE: I love the feeling I get from smiling. Even fake smiles crack me up – I find myself laughing and smiling at my own fake smile. It’s even better when it gets others smiling. Then we’re just one giant gaggle of giggling gits (it’s a thing, right?). Plus, it makes a nice change from being a teenager with the goofy braces! (There ended up being a lot of smiling today)

So, what are YOUR five things?