The Perfect Example

Today is a perfect example of one of those days.

There’s a lot going on in my head at the moment.

Yesterday I heard that my grandparents had been in a car accident – they’d gone off the road and over a bank.  They’re both alright, but my grandfather was staying in hospital overnight just in case.  In the meantime, they’re diagnosed him with Paget’s disease over and above is history of heart disease and strokes (and this is a man who exercises everyday and has eaten well every day of his 90 years).   This one man is the reason I don’t believe in karma.

Then there’s the smaller things like work (why can’t I stop thinking about it after 5pm Friday!?), money (where does it all go?!), keeping on top of all the cleaning (this article was the first thing I read this morning), and – oh, I don’t know – what do I want to do with my life?

I’m so stuck in my head that I can’t seem to get anything done, and the stuff I am doing… I’m stuffing up. 

It’s a beautiful day out and I should be jumping at the chance to go for a long walk somewhere new, or getting stuck into the garden which needs so much work.  But, mentally, everything seems so… impossible.  Everything feels impossible.

It’s a tricky situation – I know that getting out and going for a run, or getting to the gym, is going to get me out of my funk and hit me with the all-powerful blast of endorphins.  But there’s also a chance that in the midst of it all I will break down, curl up into a ball and sob until I’m physically removed.

It’s a hard thing to describe.  That ‘tricky situation’ – when looked at written down – doesn’t look tricky at all.  Logically, the answer is simple – get out of the house, do something, distract yourself.  Once you’re distracted, the endorphins will start kicking in and you’ll be fine.


Except that it’s almost like something that I need to let run its course.  Like a stomach bug, holding it back or suppressing it isn’t going to make it pass any quicker.  Especially when I know I have to go into work on Monday.

Some days just need to be spent under the duvet with your laptop.
At least today I’m not nursing a tub of ice cream with it.


Consider It… Success!

Two personal bests in one trip to the gym.  Not too shabby, considering I lacked all motivation to get there…

5km in 27 min, 40 Seconds.  Obviously not a pace I’d ever be able to maintain in the February half-marathon, but zomg squee!  A first!

And – because, apparently, one PB is not enough – I finally finished a set of leg presses at 180lbs (81kg) and was able to walk comfortably afterwards… It may not be much, but it’s heavier than me!

To think…
I wouldn’t have even made it to the gym if it weren’t for the Tall One.

He’s such a hard arse.  Says it how it is.  Has plenty of self-discipline to workout every morning before work, eat well, and still suggest I put in half as much effort (which can be really, really hard).

Well, there you go hard arse, I’d consider today a success!

Activity Fuels Acitivity

da-mo-520I know there are some days when it feels like you just can’t bring yourself to do anything productive.  I have those days more than I should.

Suck it up and get out there – exercise anyway.
You’ll feel better for it.  And the days will become fewer and further between.

That’s the theory anyway.

What have you done today to fuel more activity?

Oh, So That’s How You Do It


There are three fail-proof stress relievers in life;

  1. Laughter,
  2. Sex, and
  3. Running.

All have their time and place.

On Thursday I have my big, six hour exam to be a Chartered Accountant.  The culmination of seven years – university study and practical experience – so that I can get the initials “CA” after my name.  Then, the sky’s the limit (supposedly) and I get to play with the big dogs.

Friday, I’m booked in for a 60 minute massage to wind down and relax.

In the meantime, there’s running!

This morning’s run was my best yet – the new shoes are working well (So bouncy! The perfect support!), and I’m getting the hang of managing my pacing.

If I can find a way to keep my pants from falling down while I’m running past schools I’ll have everything I need to make the most of this.

Until then, I’ll hold my pants while I run and still enjoy every stress-relieving second of it.

One of Those Days

Today I had 2 choices:

  • Drink excessively until I felt warm and fuzzy, a little bit sick and a lot guilty – but not thinking about work, therefore in the best mood possible.


  • Go to the gym and burn off some steam while mentally coming to terms with my current lot in life, and ways I can possibly change it.

Like most humans, I desperately wanted to pick the first option.  Drink, bury, and be merry.  The tasty, easy option.  I really like that option.

Instead, I chose the gym.  I pounded the cardio like it was my bitch.

I talked everything through in my head a hundred times, running off on tangents left right and center.  Did I reach a conclusion?  No.  But it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

The time spent was productive;

Exercise for the day?  Check.

Venting a bad mood?  Check.

Calorie consumption under control? Check check check.
(Pesky scotch and its tasty, tastiness!)

This whole working-towards-my-goal business just keeps winning me over, again and again…

I could get used to this lifestyle change.