The Double-Edged Sword


“Aims!  You look like you’ve lost weight”

It’s possibly the biggest back-handed compliment for anyone losing weight – enthusiastically pointing out they’ve lost weight as though you never expected it to happen (but now it has happened, so it should be announced to the world!).

9 times out of 10 it’s a genuine compliment, but it sets off a mental chain of events…

Yus!  They noticed!


Awww man, does that mean they think I need to lose weight?
They thought I was fat?
Does everyone think I’m fat?
What about that guy over there on the elliptical.

Followed by the mental telling-off…

Don’t do this, you’re being silly.  Overthinking the whole thing.
Pull your head in. 

And finished off with the good old…

Well, I’m never wearing this again. 

It was one of the first things my trainer said when she met me at the gym yesterday, and I was so close to spiralling into the usual mental blubbering.  Mental blubbery.  Blub.  Blub.  Blub.

Instead, though, I stopped.  Smiled.  And thanked her.

This is what we’re working toward.  This is the goal.
It is as much a compliment to her as it is to me (granted I didn’t feel that way on my third set of squats…!)

And I am sooooooo desperate to impress her.

Weight loss I can see, and weight loss others are noticing.
My body is changing, for the better.  And I love it.

I think that makes for a pretty good day, yes?

We Scrub Up Pretty Good

Hey internet, here’s a picture of the Tall One and me before my friends’ wedding yesterday.  We scrub up pretty good if I do say so myself.


Yesterday was an awesome day –

The run;

Our day started with a quick run into the town square and back (we were staying just out of town but the run was only about 4km).  Tall One kicked my arse – I’m putting it down to his long legs… I’m wearing heels in the photo.  Oh yeah, and our relative levels of fitness.

The wedding; 

It was perfect.  Small, intimate – only family and close friends.  Both bride and groom were beaming (beautiful!), and hearts melted watching the service.

The reception;

Again, it was perfect.  A relaxed, intimate family affair.  Good company, good wine, good food, and dubious dancing.  It was beautifully decorated house, with dining outside in the perfect Martinborough weather.  Tables nestled in the back yard, between the house and rows upon rows of grapevines.  And the wedding cake was an amazing fudgy chocolate cake that – despite the copious amounts of sugar – I ate two slices.  I had to, really.

What more can you want?



I’m Quitting Sugar

Hey guys, I want to share something with you that I’ve been working on for a while now.  I’ve been working on it in the background, slowly chipping away at the gigantic task.  It’s been challenging.  It’s been rewarding.  It’s had its ups and downs.  

As I went along, I drafted posts to share with you.  When I was ready.  And I think now is that time.  

I am excited to share this with you, now.  

This is the first post in the series, written 28 December 2013.


I am quitting sugar.

I’m writing this as a draft post, for now.  All posts on the topic will be in draft, for now.

The intent of these are to document my progress, not to hold myself accountable  hold myself accountable publicly.  Because I’m sick of failing publicly.

A little melodramatic?  Sure, but it’s how I feel.  So if you have a problem with it you can suck it.

In the Christmas sales, I picked up Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar.  The book has an eight-week detox programme for ridding your system of sugar and starting from a clean base.

I-Quit-Sugar-880x1024This is my New Year’s Resolution.
And I’m keeping it to myself.  At least until I’m ready to share.

Consider It… Success!

Two personal bests in one trip to the gym.  Not too shabby, considering I lacked all motivation to get there…

5km in 27 min, 40 Seconds.  Obviously not a pace I’d ever be able to maintain in the February half-marathon, but zomg squee!  A first!

And – because, apparently, one PB is not enough – I finally finished a set of leg presses at 180lbs (81kg) and was able to walk comfortably afterwards… It may not be much, but it’s heavier than me!

To think…
I wouldn’t have even made it to the gym if it weren’t for the Tall One.

He’s such a hard arse.  Says it how it is.  Has plenty of self-discipline to workout every morning before work, eat well, and still suggest I put in half as much effort (which can be really, really hard).

Well, there you go hard arse, I’d consider today a success!

Activity Fuels Acitivity

da-mo-520I know there are some days when it feels like you just can’t bring yourself to do anything productive.  I have those days more than I should.

Suck it up and get out there – exercise anyway.
You’ll feel better for it.  And the days will become fewer and further between.

That’s the theory anyway.

What have you done today to fuel more activity?