What’s Sugar Doing To My Body?

It’s a recurring topic here – and it will continue to be.  Sugar.

Sugar can do crazy things to your body, and not everyone’s aware just how crazy those things can get.

Sugar is an addictive drug.
Legal, yes, but still addictive.

” 94% of rats that are addicted to cocaine chose sugar over cocaine “

For the visually inclined, I offer you this:visual.ly.sugar-vs-cocaine

Am I the only one worried about this?

IQS: Week Five – Over Half Way!

It’s the start of the fifth week – fifth week out of eight.  That’s good progress – and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

I half expected myself to have quit by now, but I’m so glad that I haven’t!  This programme has made so much sense along the way that there’s been no point quitting.

Buuuuuut I have taken liberties at times.  I haven’t completely ruled out artificial sweeteners from my diet.  There have been times when I’ve turned to them when I’ve felt the emotional desperation and longing for sugar.

I consider these liberties to be human.  Getting to grips with my body.  Knowing my limits.

It’s not the same as going off the rails.

This week is about keeping up the progress.  Which, according to Sarah, means more detoxing!  Yay!

“Do this: distract yourself with alternative sweetness”

Sugar is a treat, yes?  So why not treat ourselves in other ways?  When we take that approach, we get the mental benefit of rewarding ourselves, without doing it with sugar.  No more nasty cycles of eating badly to feel good, but only feeling down on ourselves for eating badly, so we eat more to make ourselves feel better, but we feel worse, so we eat more… you know how it goes.  Emotional eating 101.

Right now, I’m treating myself with fancy-pants tea.  Limited calories, maximum taste.  And expensive, so it feels fancy and luxurious.

Plus, I get to spill my soul to you guys which is always a treat!  Too much?  Yeah, sorry, it even felt cheesy on my fingertips as I typed.  Oh well, no taking it back now.  (Besides, I’m quite comfortable using the word ‘vagina’ in my personal Facebook status, so you know I’m not a person with boundaries… or shame).

Moral of the story?  Positivity, positivity, positivity.  
I’m going to be a total Chatty-Cathy until the withdrawals hit… then I’ll go hide under a rock.
A nauseous, dizzy, (apparently constipated) rock.

So much to look forward to!

IQS: Week Four – How It Went

This week I definitely got back on track. I feel it in my body. I feel it in my attitude. I can see it on the scales.

Last week I was up a little – and I knew why. My challenge this week was to get back on track.

Cut down the sugar. Focus on what I’m eating. Be conscious of what I’m shovelling into my mouth (then stop shovelling).

This morning’s weigh in has me at 72.5kg. That’s over a kilo down on last week, and over 3kg down since I started. I’m really happy with that.

Slow and steady wins the race.

From next week I am really going to be upping the exercise so I expect my weight loss to slow a bit. Going to build some sweet muscle, guys!

Keeping up the optimism and positivity when the numbers start to slow will be just as important a “keeping to the plan”.

Anyone have any pointers on how to keep motivation levels high longer term?

Hardly a Foodie


Yeah, I’m no foodie.  But I sure do love my food.  

It’s been a mixed bag food-wise these past few days.  It all tasted good – I just don’t know how much was good for me.

Date night consisting of Italian food, cocktails and gold-lounge movies was a pretty awesome Friday night in my book.


And wasn’t too unhealthy, either.  Apart from the dessert (but we’ll pretend that I didn’t eat that, mmk?)


Then I got lazy – a chunk of grilled halloumi for dinner on Saturday, and then out again for lunch on Sunday – pub grub – and I was busted eating the fruit garnish in our water (it was the first bit of apple I’d eaten in 9-10 weeks, can you blame me?).

Tonight was a tasty eye fillet, with roast potatoes & salad on the side.  Both delicious and on plan.


Eating out doesn’t have to be bad.  If you pick the right foods – and stick to the right portions (that’s not a serve of potatoes, and that is definitely a lot of garlic butter) – you can make it work for you.

That being said, I love roast potatoes and ate a few* too many tonight.  Afterall, what’s life if you don’t live it?  It’s all very well adding years on to your life span – but if you can’t enjoy it, what’s the point?

You can keep your sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – some days I just want me some potatoes.  

IQS: These Damn Headaches


They weren’t around in the beginning.  But when they did show up… BAM! There’s no escaping them now.

I’ve had 3 shockers in the last 4 days.

Light flashing, like looking through a camera that – try as it might – can’t focus.  The stabbing pains up through my neck and to the top of my head are extreme.  It’s not unlike when I started taking citalopram – but they, at least, were easily fixed with a nap.

These are monstrous headaches that make me want to hide from the world.

Here’s hoping that they will go away soon.  The internet is telling me “days or weeks”, which isn’t overly reassuring.

If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, my head may well have blown up.