Amy Meets America: An Evening in Chicago

Thankfully, I’m in Chicago for a little longer than just an evening – but I got to spend my first evening up Willis Tower watching the evening drawer ever closer as the starlings of snow swirled under my feet on the glass balconies of the skydeck.

I rocked up to the building just after 4pm (today being a Wednesday) and there was absolutely no line. I was extremely lucky. And as such, I was able to watch as dark descended on the city. Lights popped up slowly but surely, and the face of the city changed completely.

Chicago, you are a very beautiful city.

Amy Meets America: Beautiful, Sunny Boston

Though it started out murky and grey, today has turned into the sunniest, warmest day of my trip so far – not at all what I expected in Boston. Nor was it what I expected when I dressed in my super-warm merino gear.

Not having long in the city (just today and tomorrow) I wanted to see as much of it as I could on foot. Convenient since the Freedom Trail was at the top of my ‘to-do’ list in Boston.
I followed the yellow red brick road for the 2.5 miles that wind in and around the historic streets of Boston, highlighting key places in the city’s – and nation’s – history. Starting at the Boston Common, the trail lead me past the State House, Old City Hall, and the site of the Boston Massacre before heading out to Charlestown.20130114-160304.jpg
In Charlestown, the trail ends at the Bunker Hill Monument in remembrance of the Battle of Bunker Hill (first major battle of the Revolutionary War).

Standing under it, the monument feels as though it’s shooting up into the sky for miles. Almost endless. That’s when one of the rangers pointed out that I could climb it if I wanted. Yes, of course!

Bad day to have skipped breakfast.

I made it to the top, wobbly-legged but heart still beating (a little too-much for my liking). The view was great, though the windows were too small for photos. It’s okay though – I’ve to ’em right in here [points to brain]. You’ll just have to climb it too!
Note to self: get more exercise on this trip.

Amy Meets America: American Museum of Natural History

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

If I had to choose a single word to describe the American Museum of Natural History, it would be “Beautiful“. The next on the list would be “Wow“.

The building is gorgeous, the exhibits are wonderful and the ‘Journey to the Stars‘ show was fantastic.

I can only imagine being lucky enough to visit with my dinosaur-crazed brother growing up. It would have potentially been life-changing. How lucky the kids of New York are! (Granted the admission cost for a family can be quite steep…).

My initial plan was to check out this museum in the morning, then wander through Central Park to check out the Met after lunch. I’m so glad that I did this one first, because it was after 3pm (4-5 hours after arriving) that I actually left. If you’re looking to go, but don’t want to spend a whole day wandering the halls – you’ll have to plan your trip before you get there and stick to your guns. Follow your nose and you’ll be in there for hours!