IQS: Week Seven – What Next?

There’s not a lot to Week Seven that hasn’t been covered in the earlier weeks.  The point now is to really solidify those habits and make sure that you know how to deal with going “off track” – because it will happen.  That’s life.

For me, this means experimenting more.  Getting familiar with more foods and recipes that will keep me on track.  Finding ways to prevent myself from getting distracted from this cleaner way of eating.  To keep myself excited and interested.

The last thing I need to is to get bored, distracted and wander off down the sticky, sweet, sugary path of relapse.

This week is going to be about finding ways to keep me on track long term.  Beyond the end of Week Eight when the plan officially ends.

I’m going to keep going.  
And I feel good about this. 

Official Weigh-In and Measurements – April 2014

20140408-203710.jpgThis evening was my first official weigh in, measurements and new plan since starting my personal training with Cath.

It went really well!

Keeping in mind that my IQS journey is a lot further along than the posts I’m releasing on the blog (remember that I delayed them by 6-7 weeks), I don’t feel that my diet has been doing much for me in the way of weight loss. I definitely feel better limiting my fructose intake, but it’s not dropping the kilos the way it did early on.

Listening to my body, I feel like tonight’s results are from my training – not from the food I am (not) putting in my belly.

I’ve dropped a kilo. To the nearest 100g. A full kilo.

You could comment that it’s ‘only’ a kilo, but that’s not a good attitude to take. Positivity please.

I’m proud of this kilo because of my measurements. The measurements are where the magic is.

Everything has shrunk.

2.5cm off the chest.
2cm off the waist.
1.5cm off each thigh.

And a full 4cm off my hips – my stubborn spot and where we’ve been focusing a lot of our efforts.

I am so happy with these results!
I am proud of myself.

Slow and steady wins the race. My next official check in is at the end of May, and I’m looking forward to kick some more (shrinking) butt between now and then!

IQS – Weeks Five & Six: Feelin’ Good!

It’s been a bit difficult finding stuff to post about in the fifth (& then sixth) week, because at this stage these habits I’m trying to develop are starting to feel normal;

Reading labels and avoiding food with too much sugar?  Normal. 
Explaining to nay-sayers why I eat this way?  Normal. 
Not chasing every meal with a sweet-treat?  Normal. 
Cooking my own food:  Normal.

Then there are the really good parts that stood out at first that I now expect of my body;

Not dealing with the mid-afternoon sugar crash?  Normal. 
Trusting my body to tell me when it’s hungry?  Normal.
To be able to eat dairy without issue?  Normal.
(That last one’s a big deal for me – more on it in a later post!)

The weight-loss has slowed, with no notable loss over the last two weeks, but my body has changed so much.  A lot has to do with the training I’ve been picking up – but a lot also has to do with the way I’m listening to my body.  If it’s hungry, I eat.  If it’s not hungry, I’ll wait a bit before starting dinner.  

I have not been counting calories.  I have not been worried about my portion sizes.  I eat until I’m full, and I don’t feel guilty about leaving food on my plate.  Any leftovers just get packaged up with lunch the next day.

I have a confidence in my body – and in my understanding of my body – that I didn’t have six weeks ago.  I love that!

The one thing I’m struggling to give up is artificial sweeteners in my drinks.  Namely Coke Zero.  But I’ve found ways to reduce my intake from what it was.  This is a slow part of the journey, and I’m happy to take my time – as long as I don’t go backwards.

Headed into Week Seven, I don’t know if there’s much that will be different from Week Six.  So much of this is habit now, that – apart from these posts – I’m not actually thinking about the process as separate, individually identifiable weeks.  They’re all just part of the process.

Here’s to keeping up the habit!


On Tuesday my trainer set me a new small goal: 1,000m on the rowing machine in under 5 minutes.

It might now sound like a lot, but for me… That’s hard. Especially after a bucket-load of squats and lunges.

Today… Success:

4 minutes, 30 seconds.
Smashed it.

Now to keep it up for my next trainer session on Tuesday!

IQS: Week Five – Over Half Way!

It’s the start of the fifth week – fifth week out of eight.  That’s good progress – and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

I half expected myself to have quit by now, but I’m so glad that I haven’t!  This programme has made so much sense along the way that there’s been no point quitting.

Buuuuuut I have taken liberties at times.  I haven’t completely ruled out artificial sweeteners from my diet.  There have been times when I’ve turned to them when I’ve felt the emotional desperation and longing for sugar.

I consider these liberties to be human.  Getting to grips with my body.  Knowing my limits.

It’s not the same as going off the rails.

This week is about keeping up the progress.  Which, according to Sarah, means more detoxing!  Yay!

“Do this: distract yourself with alternative sweetness”

Sugar is a treat, yes?  So why not treat ourselves in other ways?  When we take that approach, we get the mental benefit of rewarding ourselves, without doing it with sugar.  No more nasty cycles of eating badly to feel good, but only feeling down on ourselves for eating badly, so we eat more to make ourselves feel better, but we feel worse, so we eat more… you know how it goes.  Emotional eating 101.

Right now, I’m treating myself with fancy-pants tea.  Limited calories, maximum taste.  And expensive, so it feels fancy and luxurious.

Plus, I get to spill my soul to you guys which is always a treat!  Too much?  Yeah, sorry, it even felt cheesy on my fingertips as I typed.  Oh well, no taking it back now.  (Besides, I’m quite comfortable using the word ‘vagina’ in my personal Facebook status, so you know I’m not a person with boundaries… or shame).

Moral of the story?  Positivity, positivity, positivity.  
I’m going to be a total Chatty-Cathy until the withdrawals hit… then I’ll go hide under a rock.
A nauseous, dizzy, (apparently constipated) rock.

So much to look forward to!