IQS: Week Four – What It’s Got In Store

Before you settle in to read this post, do you want to go right back to the beginning – to day one? You can find all the IQS posts here. Or, just start from the first post here.

Last week didn’t go exactly to plan, so Week Four is going to be super important for me. I want to succeed, and following the Plan is helping me do that.

With that in mind, I’ve set myself a list of things I intend to do this week to keep me on track:

  • Use Sunday to clean the house. A clean, clear environment helps me keep a clean, clear mindset – making it so much easier to keep focused on the task(s) at hand.
  • Spend Sunday afternoon cooking up a bunch of Plan-friendly meals to reheat when life gets hectic during the work week.
  • Snack. Last week, I limited my snacking and ended up stuffing my face full of not-so-good foods at meal times. I wasn’t necessarily hungry between meals, but I certainly noticed it once food was in front of me!
  • Take packed lunches to work. Even the healthiest salad bars in town use balsamic vinegar (or worse!) on their salads. Too much sugar to eat comfortably, even if it does taste so damn good (hey, wait, that’s probably the sugar).
  • Take a water bottle with me everywhere. Everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.
  • Invest in some more tasty teas. The best Christmas present I got last year was a sampler pack of fancy teas from T Leaf T from the Tall One. Brewing up a mug of delicious-smelling (and tasting) tea helps curb the cravings and after-dinner munching. Sadly, they’re all almost gone, so it’s time to invest in some full-sized packs.

They’re all super simple points that aren’t hard to follow – I just have to be organised.

Here’s to Week Four!

IQS: Week Three – Bump In The Road


This week wasn’t as effective as prior weeks because I wasn’t as effective as prior weeks.

Todays weigh-in puts be at 73.8kg – 400g up from last week.  That’s not ideal.  But I know why it happened.

I was out of town for work during the week – having everything catered for me.
Because I was out of town and busy, I didn’t make it to the gym nearly as much as I should have.
Because I was busy I wasn’t making my own, home cooked dinners and lunches.
I was back in my earlier trap of dinners out, and having to buy lunch the next day (no tasty leftovers).

These are not excuses, these are reasons.  Reasons I have identified and will work to counteract this coming week.
If I wasn’t prepared to change them, they’d fester away and turn into excuse after excuse after excuse.

I will not let that happen. 

I have confidence that this plan will work.  So I’m back on track today.
I will boss today so hard it won’t know what hit it.   I am making today my b!tch.

Watch out Saturday, here I come.

IQS: Week Three – Yup, I’m Really Doing This

Hold on to your hats boys, we’re going full speed ahead now!  Week Three is a big one…

I have to go cold turkey.  Oh Em Gee.

Not just cold turkey from fructose – which I’ve been following 99% of the last two weeks – but cutting out the artificial sweeteners, too.

The artificial sweeteners were only allowed “for now” in the first couple of weeks – as an alternative to the full-sugar stuff.  But now… it’s getting kicked to the curb.  Stevia’s okay.  The rest can eat my shorts.

Sarah’s book gives a lot of hints on how to get through the week – including suggestions for good suggestions, and how to extract the right information from food labels.

Did you know that the first 4.7g of sugar from full-fat dairy products is lactose, and milk with only 4.7g of sugar is fair game – there is no fructose.  And lactose is sweet enough to help fight off some of the cravings.

Which is super helpful, and I should’ve remembered this last night before caving and savouring a couple of very tasty chocolate biscuits.  And by a couple, I mean like… 5.  Maybe 6.  I tried to blank it out of my memory and started right back on track this morning.

I’m feeling good about heading into this week – but it won’t be a walk in the park.  Going cold turkey is hard enough, but I’ll be out of town for work during the week, too.  Trips away are fun, but this one is fully catered by work… and I don’t know how much choice I’m going to have.

How will it all play out?  Who knows.
Watch this space…

IQS: Week Two – How’d It Go?

Week Two down, and it’s still going really well.  Healthy habits forming and its getting easier to keep to a routine.  Preparing all my meals in advance helps keep me on track, and knowing that I have tasty snacks waiting for my in the fridge makes saying ‘no’ to sugar much easier.

Proudest moment:  saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to a homemade chocolate barbarian “cheesecake” chock-full of chocolate, marshmallows and sugar, sugar, suuuuugaaaaaarrrrr.  It looked amazing and – based on the feedback from my team members – tasted fantastic.  I wasn’t worried at all – I had my protein shake and was more than happy just hanging out with them while I ate.

This week has provided a couple of good opportunities to explain to others why Im making these changes.  Not everyone has been receptive.

People are mean.

Most of my friends have been really supportive – although a couple of them jokingly refer to it as my latest fad.  But others (mostly teammates at work) think that I’m nuts and going to pass out at my desk one day.  Someone went as far as to suggest I was so silly and I was killing myself with my ‘experiment’ (you have to say it with a nasty tone).

Thankfully, I was armed with enough facts – and personal anecdotes – to get him off my back.  I believe in this.  I wasn’t backing down.

I’m seeing results.

I can honestly say that I do feel better.  For the second week in a row, I’ve been better able to manage my hunger.  I’m learning to understand my body, and what it tries to tell me before, during, and after I eat.  We’re designed with these signals… I’m only just now realising how little I’d been able to rely on them before.  Sugar, it appears, has been messing with my body.

My skin is breaking out.  I haven’t had pimples like these in 10 years and I don’t quite know how to deal with it when I do my make-up for work.  It’s meant to be a sign of my body detoxing, so I’m just focusing on keeping my skin clean at the moment and we’ll see if it clears up in a week or two.

My moods have been fine, if not a little more consistent than usual.  So… that’s good.  I was holding my breath for emotional breakdown and mood swings with my lack of sugar.  Here’s hoping that stays the same (though I hear it might get pretty bad around week four).

My pants fit much better.

According to the scales this morning – the start of day 14 (last day of Week Two) – I weighed in at 73.5kg.  That’s 0.9kg down on last week.   That’s more than 2 kg down in two weeks.

Of course, that kind of loss probably won’t be sustainable – and I’d probably be a little worried if I was losing more than that each week – but at an average of about a kilo a week… I’ll take it!  At least for as long as I can.

What can I say?  Bring on Week Three!

We Scrub Up Pretty Good

Hey internet, here’s a picture of the Tall One and me before my friends’ wedding yesterday.  We scrub up pretty good if I do say so myself.


Yesterday was an awesome day –

The run;

Our day started with a quick run into the town square and back (we were staying just out of town but the run was only about 4km).  Tall One kicked my arse – I’m putting it down to his long legs… I’m wearing heels in the photo.  Oh yeah, and our relative levels of fitness.

The wedding; 

It was perfect.  Small, intimate – only family and close friends.  Both bride and groom were beaming (beautiful!), and hearts melted watching the service.

The reception;

Again, it was perfect.  A relaxed, intimate family affair.  Good company, good wine, good food, and dubious dancing.  It was beautifully decorated house, with dining outside in the perfect Martinborough weather.  Tables nestled in the back yard, between the house and rows upon rows of grapevines.  And the wedding cake was an amazing fudgy chocolate cake that – despite the copious amounts of sugar – I ate two slices.  I had to, really.

What more can you want?