Backwards Running – it’s a thing!

Hey, guys! I was about to write a post about how poorly I’m training and that I’d basically been going backwards when Google told me that Backward Running is actually a thing!. Mind blown.

It’s not just something six year old girls or drunk teens do when trying to be funny. PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRAIN THAT WAY.

According to Wikipedia (okay, reading between the lines), it’s pretty hardcore;

“Running backwards down a hill is more dangerous, and it is advised that someone learn how to drop into a backward roll before attempting it, to deal with any resulting tripping or loss of balance in the prone movement.”

From this, I read that you need to be a qualified ninja to even run down a hill.
20131218-213641.jpgA qualified ninja! Like, with a diploma and everything.

Backwards running: that sh*zz is the business.

BONUS FACT:. Apparently ninjas just love running with aeroplane arms. Imagine that running downhill and ending in a flip!



Summer’s here!

Christmas in New Zealand is great – sunny, and casual. BBQ dinners aren’t usual, and someone in the family almost always falls asleep in the sun after eating too much.  Sunburn isn’t usual.  Neither is a box full of empty beer bottles after lunch.

Like everywhere else in the world that celebrates Christmas, it’s a day of temptation, overeating, and self-medicating with alcohol – family, am I right?

I’ll be staying with my family for much of the break, at my parents’ place in one of the sunnier parts of the country at this time of year.

While they’re not ridiculously unhealthy, they’re not ones to prescribe to a off-to-the-gym-and-a-salad-for-lunch lifestyle.  My brother’s of the knife-throwing, archery, and upper-body training persuasion.  The rest of us… sit around and eat.

I plan on doing a fair bit of running.  Take the dogs out for a bit of an explore – they’ll love it.

But it’ll be a bit of a change for me – running on country roads, in the heat, with a companion.  I’m looking forward to it… but it’s going to take some getting used to.

I imagine it’ll be very different to the clean footpaths, overcast weather and cool temperatures here in Wellington.  Or the treadmill in an air-condition gym, surrounded by the buff and motivated.

Any words of advice for the changes?  Or am I making mountains out of mole-hills?

What are your plans for the Christmas break?

Consider It… Success!

Two personal bests in one trip to the gym.  Not too shabby, considering I lacked all motivation to get there…

5km in 27 min, 40 Seconds.  Obviously not a pace I’d ever be able to maintain in the February half-marathon, but zomg squee!  A first!

And – because, apparently, one PB is not enough – I finally finished a set of leg presses at 180lbs (81kg) and was able to walk comfortably afterwards… It may not be much, but it’s heavier than me!

To think…
I wouldn’t have even made it to the gym if it weren’t for the Tall One.

He’s such a hard arse.  Says it how it is.  Has plenty of self-discipline to workout every morning before work, eat well, and still suggest I put in half as much effort (which can be really, really hard).

Well, there you go hard arse, I’d consider today a success!

Blisters on Blisters


Holy cow, running with blisters is horrible! 

I did a lot of walking in Melbourne.  A lot.  Without very good walking shoes.

My feet hurt.
I lack skin in several places.

Blisters make running really painful.

I only managed 2km today before it was unbearable.

With many, many more kilometres of training to go before the half-marathon in February, I should probably get used to these lil’ buggers.

Any tips on beating blisters?  Any suggestions on managing them once you’ve got them?

Something Crazy, Something I’ve Never Done Before

Yesterday I gave you the opportunity to guess my new fitness goal.  I said it was a hard one (it really, really will be), but not impossible.

A few of you guessed.  Some were close.  But Jay from over at On a Jam Hunt hit the nail on the head!

JayI’m going to run the half marathon at next year’s Round the Bays.  23 February 2013, just under 16 weeks from now.

All 21 glorious kilometres!
Talk about fecking crazy. 

Can I do it? 
Will I do it?

They’re two very different questions, both of which I answer with “Yes… but I’ll have to work my arse off”.

But nothing worth having is easy, right?

I’m working to cover the distance.  Not get an awesome time.  Not to win (like that will ever happen).  But to finish it, and know I can do it.

I’m doing it for me.  And that makes reaching the goal – keeping the motivation high – that much easier.

Here’s to an interesting few months!