Yup, Another Pair of Runners

Folks, may I introduce my new pair of runners;20131212-214939.jpg This is the second pair of runners I’ve bought in the last couple of months, and won’t be the last. I now have two pairs of runners in rotation. I may eventually opt for three, if money allows.

Why so many pairs?

Because people far smarter than me said so.

There are plenty of articles on the Internet which discuss the topic, and a large number of the, are in agreement – for some runners, you’re better off rotating your runners than training in just the one pair.

Some of the arguments are quite logical, and sound obvious when you read them;

  • It gives your shoes time to breathe. Especially when you’re training every day – you need to give your shoes time to dry and air out, otherwise they’ll turn into portable cess-pits of bacteria and gross. Athletes’ foot, anyone?
  • Your shoes will last longer. Well, you’ll still probably get the same number of kms out of them, but they’ll be doing a better job as you go along. Airing/drying out the shoes not only keeps them more hygienic, but it also keeps the materials from breaking down so quickly which means the shoes stays in better condition for longer.
  • It can even out (or, at least, spread) the strains and stress that running puts on your body. Because shoes are all different, your body – however minor – will move differently when wearing different pairs. Shaking things up can help prevent the same parts being stressed on every run. Less stress = less injuries (in theory)

There’s also another, totally legitimate, reason; because some outfits just scream for different shoes. Ladies, am I right?

If you’re interested in reading more, check out a couple of Runners World articles here and here, or another really good article from a Strength Running here.

Do you have more than one pair of runners?
Do you rotate your shoes as part of your training?

Oh, So That’s How You Do It


There are three fail-proof stress relievers in life;

  1. Laughter,
  2. Sex, and
  3. Running.

All have their time and place.

On Thursday I have my big, six hour exam to be a Chartered Accountant.  The culmination of seven years – university study and practical experience – so that I can get the initials “CA” after my name.  Then, the sky’s the limit (supposedly) and I get to play with the big dogs.

Friday, I’m booked in for a 60 minute massage to wind down and relax.

In the meantime, there’s running!

This morning’s run was my best yet – the new shoes are working well (So bouncy! The perfect support!), and I’m getting the hang of managing my pacing.

If I can find a way to keep my pants from falling down while I’m running past schools I’ll have everything I need to make the most of this.

Until then, I’ll hold my pants while I run and still enjoy every stress-relieving second of it.

Grown-Up Toy!

I don’t have a car.  I can’t drive.
I have a very cheap bike.  With no brakes.  That I don’t know how to ride (or connect the brakes).

And now I have a grown-up toy I can use!  MY very own, shiny GPS watch.

I chose the TomTom Runner, in Dark Grey.

How did I choose it? 

Honestly, with my budget, all the entry level watches pretty much do the same thing.   So – *truth bomb* –  I picked the one that I thought looked best. 

Without glasses, and while out running / jogging/ walking, I need the biggest screen I can get.

I have no shame saying I paid an extra $30 bucks for this one over the equivalent entry level Garmin.

How’s it going?

I took it out this morning for my first run in forever since February (according to my old tracker).  The run turned into a slow, painful stumble once I hit the hills (which were just under half of it), but the watch worked really well. mysportsI knew exactly when my pace was changing, and I was able to even it up.  I run further without stopping than I expected.   I was able to apply what I’d learned about my limits on the treadmill and made sure I set my pace accordingly.

Running outside feels so very, very different when you know how fast you’re actually going.

What this means for my running goals.

I really, really want to get back in to running.  Actually running, not walking.  Not simply getting from A to B.

So this is more than a toy – it’s going to be a tool to make me better.  And all my runs are tracked on the online TomTom MySports tracker.  Numbers don’t lie.  They tell me whether I’m getting better.  Whether I’m pushing myself.

Bonus – the tracker’s powered by MapMyFitness, so my old runs that I had tracked on my phone are in there, too.  I didn’t track a lot of them, because I didn’t like taking my phone out all the time, but there are a few.

I’m finally feeling excited about my goals again.  I’ve lacked motivation for a while, but since dropping bootcamp my mindset is changing.

Taking charge of my goals.  You heard it here first.

Birthday Spoils…


During the week I asked what I should invest my birthday money in.  There was an overwhelming number of votes for a GPS watch, rather than gym clothes or other gear.  I listened! (And went shopping)

I also had a gift voucher for Rebel Sport from my workmates – so I headed to the store this morning to make the most of the Labour Weekend sales.

Knowing that I need new runners, I went with that sole goal in mind.  Shoes.  Must.  Buy.  20131026-144222.jpg

And I found a pair that feel fantastic.  My last pair didn’t have a lot of support, and these are much better.  And so bouncy in the heel!

Haven’t taken them for a spin yet, so it’s probably too early to declare love.

Better still, these babies were half price – so I had plenty of moolah left on the gift voucher to work with.  Cue the new gym bag, and much-needed sports bras.

20131026-144214.jpgMy current gym bag is huge, and always gets packed full of cra– stuff that just doesn’t need to be in there.  So this beaut is much smaller, but still big enough for my trainers, clothes, water bottles and a packed lunch for work.  As an added bonus – it’s much nicer than my old flimsy sucker.   It’s going to get a lot of use.

And the sports bras.  Look at that colour!  Do I need to say any more?

I’ve got a couple of these in black already, and they are by far my favourite fit.  So when I saw them in bright orange… it was a no-brainer.  Of course they were coming home with me.

I’m pretty happy with my choices.
They’ll be put to good use.

If you had $100 to spend at your local sports store, what would you buy?