Birthday Money… What to Buy?

As long as my Nana sends me birthday money, I’ll think of myself as young.  And being young means I can spend my money on frivolous things!

So, friends, what should I spend my birthday money on?

Of course, I’d like it to be a little bit practical.  Which means only one thing – gym gear! Or, other workout awesomeness.

Practically, I need new runners (and my awesome workmates got me a voucher to get some!) – so that’s sorted.

I’m torn between getting a couple of funny workout shirts (knowing that I have heaps of workout clothes already)… or putting the money towards something more long-lasting like, say, a GPS sports watch.

I need your help!
Which way should I go?

And… if you’ve invested in a watch recently, what kind did you opt for?  Did you go for all the bells and whistles, or for a simple model?  Are you glad you did?

Do you have any recommendations?

All Shook Up

Our part of the country’s been doing a bit of moving today.  A movin’ and a shakin’.  Earthquakes galore.

Nothing big enough to hurt anyone (thankfully!), but enough to make my grocery shopping unpleasant.

So what do we need?  Distraction!
Distraction in the form of online shopping, of course!

So I give to you, additions to my workout gear wishlist:


This website is awesome.  It’s also probably just as well that it’s not clear whether they deliver to NZ – I could send a lot of money there…

Anyone know of any places to get awesome workout gear that’s delivered worldwide (and cheap)?

Where do you get your gear?

Proof of Intelligence

So… I was repacking my gym bag tonight, making sure I had everything I need in the one bag. It was my full gym bag, the one I take when I know I’ll be needing a full towel and all my shower supplies.

A bag I haven’t used in well over a week.

So you can imagine my surprise when I pull out the shoes that have been sitting in there all this time (which in itself is disgusting) to find what can only be described as dog shit excrement on the sole. Well, less on the sole as smooshed in there reeeeeeeeeal good.
My bad.

Just… Ew.


Words, they do not describe the – ugh, gross, just no.


In happier news – looking forward to getting stuck into the gym tomorrow (in my other pair of trainers)!

Drop It Like A Squat

So… serious question: who else gets serious plumber crack when squatting?
In the comfort of my own living room it’s fine. Cool breeze and all that.

Boot camp on the Wellington waterfront in front of a team of fellow boot-campers… Not so fine. Especially when kit out in boxing gloves, squatting between sets. No one deserves to be subjected to that horror!

Enough is enough – with the lack of a better option, I’ve invested in a couple of long men’s singlets. Men’s singlets because oh my Lordy they are so much cheaper. And fit better. What’s up with that, Adidas? Huh? Huh?!

So yeah, who else has this…errr… Issue?
And what do you do to deal with it?

Amy’s New Ride

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bought a bike. Actually, I bought it in the weekend – but it arrived today.

Arriving home after dinner I found a pleasant surprise blocking my front door… A giant box! It’s not necessarily true what they say… The best things don’t always come in small packages.
The box told me that assembly would be easy – so I sat and chilled with a tasty, tasty cider before opening the box and getting started. (Side note: have you tried this stuff? It’s fantastic!)
Once I opened the box and tried putting everything together, it became abundantly clear that I had no idea what I was doing.
Throughout my career people have constantly told me that accounting is a great path to start on because it helps build skills that are easily transferable to a lot of other professions. Well, I’m not quitting my day job any time soon.

Nonetheless, the parts are all attached now and resembling something of a bike. It’s very… Tall.
Since I built it, and don’t yet own a helmet that fits, it’s going to hang out unused in my living room for a bit. That is unless you want to come and test it out for me? You know, to make sure the brakes work.

New Zealand’s legal system doesn’t let you sue me for personal injury, so I’m totally keen to cool with letting you take that risk all important first ride for me! (Except for the fact that I like you and would really rather you didn’t get hurt…)

And – that’s right – getting this bike was one of my thirteen new experiences for 2013. Boom! Another one to cross off the list!